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Renting Memorial and
Wake Venues in New York

A memorial service is a pious event. You want everything to go well during the event. Island Event Planners in New York can help you plan a memorial service so that you can wholeheartedly be a part of the service itself without having to worry about all the background planning.

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Finding a Memorial Service Venue


If possible, be flexible on your event dates. Some venues in New York are booked years in advance, while others have open dates for last-minute bookings. Give the venue two or three dates and check for their availability.

Ambiance Of The Venue

The ambiance of your venue is key to having a pious and successful memorial service. Consider the architecture of the place, the interiors, the decor, and the light. If you want the event to be more intimate, look for memorial venues with a cozier feel. If you want to incorporate nature and greenery in your memorial service, look for a pre-existing greenery venue. The more the venue matches your expectations of the ambiance and decor, the less you will have to plan and spend on the decor itself.

Acoustics Matter

The acoustics of memorial event venues matter a lot. You don’t want the memorial service to be too quiet or too loud. And if your venue is acoustically sound, you will have to spend less on the sound system. Consider the acoustics of the place before booking the venue. For example, a low ceiling may make the place look warm and cozy, but it can make the speeches and eulogies too loud. Similarly, a venue with a high ceiling may make everything sound too soft. Check with the venue about this important aspect.

Is The Venue Accessible?

This is an important point to keep in mind. You need to ensure that the memorial venues you shortlist should be accessible to every guest. You don’t want anyone to miss out on the memorial just because they cannot access the venue due to their physical abilities. Check if the venue has wheelchair ramps, handicapped bathrooms, and disabled parking? If you have kids attending the memorial event, you will have to check if the venue has children’s amenities as well.

Hosting A Memorial Service in New York

Hosting a memorial service is not a very easy task. There are many things to look into and plan. The memorial will be held for someone dear to your heart. You want every aspect of the service to go well, from the venue and decor to the sound and the eulogies. Island Event Planners can take the burden of running around for the planning off your shoulders. Our team of professional event planners can do all the running around for you. You just need to give us your brief. We will look for venue options, look into the decor, ensure the venue has good acoustics, and more!
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