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Rent Your Bridal Shower Venue With Island Event Planners

Bridal parties are something like a bachelorette only that it is intended to be among the bride’s maids and the close girlfriends of the bride. Knowing the bridal shower venue location would be a good start for most of the brides. Most bridal showers happen eight to six weeks before the wedding day and gather many gifts from the bride’s friends and family. The party is a splendid occasion to get them officially informed about the wedding day.

When you try to make the most suitable bridal party venue selection, it is quite necessary to follow a few easy steps. At Island Event Planners, we are happy to have a City Island bridal shower venue close to the waterfront and give you and your guest the time of your life. Following the shortlist of actions could help you rent the right venue for your companion and be more satisfied with your choice.

Create a List of Your Bridesmaids and Friends

To organize your bridal shower, you need to create a comprehensive list of bridesmaids and female friends you intend to invite to the venue. It’s important to know their number and allow the venue operator to give you a firm price for the desired services. Consolidating your services within the bridal party venue can save you more money than scattering each service around to different providers.

Choose A Venue That Suits The Bride

If you are the bride’s closest friend or sister and want to find the right location for bridal showers, you should first take the bride’s opinion. Every bride has her perception of what the ideal bridal party venue could look like, and you better find a similar one. Island Event Planners have the dream bridal venues for every bride since she can customize the decoration and enjoy a marvelous time by the waterfront in their City Island venue.

Set Your Budget to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Even though your bridal shower has fewer guests than the actual wedding reception, it would be better to set your budget before sending the invitations. Venue operators can present you with flexible solutions to add your desired themes and decorations to your bridal party while keeping the budget as low as possible.

Check Out Local Event Venues

You don’t want to ruin the party, and that’s why you should check the venue beforehand. Either being the actual bride or a close friend who is making arrangements for the bridal shower, it is necessary to be there beforehand to check all the details about catering, music, photographers, and decorations. Island Event Planners give you a full-guided tour to the City Island venue so that you know everything and there are no unpleasant surprises on the day of the bridal shower party.

Check For Accessibility

Finally, all your guests should easily access the venue and park their cars within a walkable distance. Organizing a high-quality bridal shower would be the introduction to what will happen at the wedding party!

Get A Bridal Shower Event Planner
To Help

No matter what type of party or event you are planning, things can go a lot smoother with the help of a local event planner! Let the professional team at Island Event Planners help you to find beautiful New York City venues that meet the needs and style you have in mind for your bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, or other event. We’ll even help you to connect with other event services in NYC like caterers and photographers. Call today to learn more about our event planning and venue rental services for bridal parties.