— Venue Rentals For Baby Showers

Rent A Venue For Your Baby Shower
With Island Event Planners

Women being close to giving birth to their child would like to celebrate the occasion with their friends and family. Renting a baby shower venue is the most popular option to accommodate many people who want to wish you the best for the newborn baby and bring their gifts.

Even though a baby shower is a party celebrating a pregnancy and birth that is about to come, it should be adequately organized to leave the optimal impressions to every guest. Here are some useful tips to know when throwing a baby shower party that your friends and family would recall forever.

Searching For The Best Venue

You want your baby shower – or a shower you’re throwing for a friend or family member – to be a memorable event. Having the right venue or event space can easily take your baby shower from a typical event to a party that friends and family will remember fondly for years to come. Having a memorable party starts with finding the right event venue. Island Event Planners can help you find a NYC venue that is a cut above the rest and makes your event something special! If you are looking for a venue for your baby shower, here are some things to consider in your search.

Carefully Choose Pregnancy-Friendly or Child Friendly Options

After choosing the right location for baby showers, the next big thing would be to find the right catering for pregnant women. Such catering services should not include fatty foods and oysters (potentially dangerous to pregnant women) and focus more on offering fruits, vegetables, and comfort food.

Island Events Planners may offer you their City Island, Bronx, waterfront venue for your dream baby shower. You can get in touch with the baby shower organizer and build from scratch the right menu adapting to the eating habits of pregnant women.

Consider The Size of Your Event

It would be useful to rent a big venue for your baby shower. Pregnant women can also invite other pregnant girlfriends to celebrate together. The main reason to rent a bigger venue would be to let them sit easier and mingle. Having larger tables and seats would make everyone feel comfortable and cozy. Even though baby showers may not involve dancing, the careful selection of food and beverages could make a friendly atmosphere for women to talk together and have fun.

Make Arrangements For Children

Some women prefer to come to baby showers accompanied by their kids. It would be awesome for the venue organizers to have a separate arrangement to entertain children. DJs and decorators could be there to prepare a fantastic party for our little friends and make the moments memorable for their mothers and themselves as well.