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Renting a Venue for Reunions

A group of friends is throwing a reunion party. You want to have the perfect gathering, and you know that it will be a really big deal for each of them. In order to make this happen, you need to choose the best venue

Planning a reunion can be a complicated undertaking. With as many attendees as there are, it can get overwhelming figuring out where to go and how much it’s going to cost. The location of your reunion party is a big decision. You have to decide on reunion venues that have the feel of the class but also offer a level of comfort for your guests, as well as enough space to accommodate everyone and make sure everybody’s needs are met. At Island Event Planners, our focus is to help you organize a successful reunion party. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect venue.

Deciding On Venue Location For Family Events

Location is extremely important. You need to choose a venue that will give your guests that same feeling of homecoming that you had when you were growing up. Location-wise, you’re going to want somewhere central with plenty of parking available and quick access from public transportation. But when it comes down to size, expect this decision to be harder than you think.

You want a venue big enough to fit attendees, but don’t go overboard and have it too big. People will leave early if there isn’t enough room or the room is too crowded. Think of how long the party’s going to last, and make sure you take that into consideration when choosing a size and a price point.

Consider Nearby Attractions

No matter where you choose to hold your reunion party, there are some things you need to consider for everyone’s relative comfort while mingling. Try to pick an environment that will be most suited to the type of people that will be there. A bar or club isn’t usually a good place to hold your reunion, because everybody’s going to want drinks, and space might not be big enough to accommodate everyone. On the other hand, if you choose a restaurant, try not to pick one that has huge meal minimums. Nobody is going to want dinner at a place where they have to spend $50 per person just on food.


Decorating for your class or family reunion coming up is something that you need to plan ahead of time. Know what colors you want to use, what your school colors are, and pick out decorations that will make the room feel like it’s part of your school. You don’t have to go all out with lights and everything, but a staple in every room at a reunion are pictures and plaques of your class. At Island Event Planners, we can decorate the college reunion venues according to your taste and preferences.

A class reunion is an event that gives everyone a chance to take a trip down memory lane and revisit their past. The venue you choose for your party can be affected by these feelings, so pick out something that’s going to reflect well on your class.