Planning towards an event? Island Event Planners makes things simple.

About Our Event Planning Services

Here at Island Event Planners, we take the stress out of event planning and deliver turn-key solutions that will leave you refreshed and ready to enjoy your event. Getting started with us is as simple as a four-step process. Wondering how we achieve excellence?

Contact Us For a Consultation

The very first step on our journey to bringing your event to life is consultation. After you contact us, we begin by learning what you want and how you want it. We know that each client is different and so are their preferences. We shun the one-size-fits-all approach. During the consultation meeting, we discuss at length with you, brainstorm ideas, and work on how to make sure that your specific needs are met.

Rest assured that you will be attended to by experienced event planning specialists who are customer satisfaction oriented. If you do not have an idea of what to expect, don’t worry. Our specialists will offer you a range of suggestions to pick from.

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Our Main Services

Find The Perfect Venue

The choice of your event venue says a lot about it. Whether you are interested in something private or a waterfront view, we have you covered. Our event planners will work closely with you to find the right venue that will work for the theme you have in mind. Planning a birthday, wedding anniversary dinner, wedding ceremony, corporate event, or others? We can help you find the perfect venue.

Connect With The Best Vendors

Choosing vendors for the success of your event can be tasking. Our job is to remove your stress. We handle the entire process of sourcing for reliable and reputable vendors to make your event a success. Looking for a caterer to handle the food and drinks for the day? We have just the perfect vendor for you to work with. If you are looking to capture rare moments and make them last a lifetime, we have just the right photography professionals for you.

We also provide the right staff to address your needs and your guests’ needs at the event. So, whether you are hosting a large corporate event, a birthday party, wedding ceremony, or others, you can rest easy knowing that you will have access to the right staff for the day.

Island Event Planners can also connect you to the right entertainment for your event. Whether you are interested in a DJ or a live entertainer, our team has your needs covered. Your rental solution is also in great hands as part of our corporate event planning services.

Enjoy Your Special Day

Never has event planning been as easy and seamless as it is with us. Whether you are scared of your wedding planning or party planning, we take the stress out of the entire process and leave you relaxed and ready to enjoy your special day. Let’s find the ideal venue for you and your event, arrange it perfectly, and fill it with joy and happiness.

Ready to get started with our turn-key event planning service? Contact us today.