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City Island is a quaint neighborhood in New York that feels like no other place in the city. This fishing village has many yacht clubs and waterfront restaurants. Popular among visitors during the warmer months, City Island is known for its laid-back vibe, activities like scuba diving, and fresh seafood.

You can get to City Island by two buses, the local BX29 and BxM8 from Manhattan. You can reach the Island by train as well. You can take the #6 train to the end of the line at Pelham Bay Park.

Things To Do On City Island

There are many interesting things to see and explore in City Island, New York. This fishing village with a laid-back nautical vibe boasts a New England charm that you will be engulfed by when you visit. City Island has retained a lot of its character from the mid-1900s when it was a shipbuilding hub. This fishing village continues to remain the center of recreational boating. You will notice the beautiful bright-colored architecture, stunning marinas, yacht clubs, and shorelines at this tiny little Island. There is plenty to do on City Island for anyone visiting this fishing village in New York.

Spend The Day On The Water

City Island gives you the perfect opportunity to spend a day on the water. You can get out on a boat for the day. Rent a fiberglass boat and spend the entire day on the water with the Long Island waters splashing on you. You can also go sailing if you are looking for a little more adventure on the water.

Party Like An 80's Pop Star

There are plenty of options to party retro-style at City Island. Rent a yacht and cruise the waters Duran-Duran style. The private party boat rentals come with a stereo, a radar to find fish, and a galley. If you are looking to hang out with friends on the water, pop some Champagne, and blast great music, then City Island is the place for you.

Explore The Historical Side
Of The Island

If you love history, then City Island will give you a lot to explore. The City Island Museum has plenty of interesting exhibits and photographs with information about the Island’s shipbuilding history.

Hosting Events on City Island

With its old-world charm and quaint vibe, City Island in New York is an ideal place for you to host your special event. Whether you want a waterfront venue or want to go wild with a party on a boat, this little fishing village has it all.

If you are thinking of hosting an event at City Island, contact Island Event Planners. Our team of talented professionals will discuss the event with you and plan the entire thing. Whether you are looking for a waterfront location, a party on the boat, or a quiet, charming venue, we will find it for you and convert it per your vision.


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