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Rent Clambake Venues In New York

Clambakes are classic wedding events that are popular during summers. A festive clambake gives you a chance to celebrate everything that the ocean has to offer. Finding clambake venues in New York by yourself can be a task. However, having the help of professionals can make it that much easier for you!

A clambake is a celebration of seafood and everything else that summer has to offer. Clambakes include clams and other types of seafood like lobster and crab legs. Other food items to include in a clambake are corn on the cob, potatoes, fresh lemon, and plenty of butter. Popular usually in the coastal areas where the seafood is easy to get, clambakes are slowly gaining popularity everywhere else. There are many interesting venues you can choose from anywhere in New York if you plan to host a clambake.

Preparing For A Traditional Clambake

Traditionally, a clambake is made by digging a hole in the ground near the beach. The bottom of the hole has large stones with a fire lit on the top. It is these stones that are actually going to cook the clams. The fire blazes for hours, ensuring the stones below get hot. Once the stones are well heated, you can remove the coal and layer on all the ingredients on the stones. You can bundle the clams and other ingredients in cheesecloth or mesh baskets and foil packets before placing them on top of the rocks. Usually, these bundles will be covered with seaweed to ensure the heat is locked in. The entire clam cooking process can take about two hours. Once the clams are ready, they can be served with butter, toasted bread, and iced tea.

Hosting Clambakes in New York

You don’t really need to be by the ocean anymore to host clambake. Seafood lovers in New York can enjoy this beautiful summer tradition at different venues in the city. There are many locations for clam bake in New York today!

You can just skip digging in the beach sand and set up a grill for the event. You can still use all the classic flavors and a few roasting pans to create a memorable clambake event for all your guests. Just wrap the ingredients in foil and place them on the grill for about 30 minutes. Not only does this process give you the chance to enjoy clambake anywhere in the city, but it is also not as time-consuming as the traditional process.

Island Event Planners For Clambakes & Waterfront Events

If you are looking for clambake venues in New York, contact Island Event Planners. Our team of event planners will do all the venue scouting for you and plan the perfect clambake. We will help you source all the ingredients, the grill, and everything else for a successful and memorable clambake.

Our team will ensure your clambake is a grand success and your guests leave your event impressed. Contact us for a free consultation today!