About Our Venue Rentals

When you are looking for the perfect venue rentals for your event, there are a lot of factors that matter. Depending on the kind of event you are planning, you want a venue that offers the right mood. You also want an event venue that is easy to work with. Island Event Planners offers what you want and at your convenience.

Located far away from the regular hustle and bustle the city is known for, Island Event Planners offers you a taste of City Island, an idyllic world waiting to be explored. Our selection of rental venues will truly blow your mind.

Depending on the kind of event you have in mind, we have some of the finest selections of venues, whether you are interested in waterfront features or something else. We have a team that will plan with you and take the stress of venue search off of your shoulders. With our free rent a venue service, you’ll have access to just the perfect venue for your event.

With years of experience and attention to detail being two of our strong points, customers can rest assured that we can set up their venue to match the desired theme. Located in a convenient spot, clients won’t have to worry much about accessibility and location convenience for their guests. Treat your guests to a sophisticated venue with help from our team at Island Event Planners.

Whatever the celebration or event you are planning, rest assured that our team at Island Event Planners can provide a turn-key solution that takes the stress away from the planning and leaves you feeling refreshed, energetic, and prepared for your event. We have a team that does it all. Our event planning experts know that you deserve to make a statement with your event so we walk you through the process from the start to the end.

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Why Our Venues Are Perfect For Your Events

Island Event Planners understands how important a venue is in the grand scale of event planning. Therefore, we make sure we recommend the venue and offer the location that has ample space to accommodate you and your guests. With access to amenities like a free Wi-Fi connection, decorations, rental, and more, you can relax knowing that your imaginations will be brought to life.

Have you always wanted a private waterfront experience, we have that for you. We are a call away from making your wildest and most romantic dreams come true. Don’t wait, contact us now!